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Medical form with stethoscope

SURGICAL CONSENT FORM: This form can be filled out online and automatically sent to our office.  It provides us your consent to perform surgery on your pet. 

Plane on Runway

OFA HIP AND ELBOW FORM: This form can be filled out prior to having radiographs taken for your OFA Hip and Elbow examinations.  

Black Dog

QUALITY OF LIFE QUESTIONNAIRE: Feel free to print this form and use it as many times as you may like.  It is a great way to evaluate quality of life for your pet and give your pet a score that you can then evaluate over time.  

General Client Info - Dogs and Cats

Cat and Dog

VETERINARY PARTNER : Client information sheets on topics from A to Z. Has a great search feature for just about anything you may be looking for.  

White Cat

CAT FRIENDLY: Client information on cats including topics such as: Why does my cat _____?, diseases, cat care at home, the toy box, and more! 

Planning Travels

ANIMAL TRAVEL REGULATIONS: For those traveling or shipping pets from Indiana to any other state, this website helps you find what requirements you must fulfill prior to entry into that state.  

Dog Collar

GENERAL PARASITE INFORMATION FOR DOG OWNERS: From coccidia to whipworms, great general info for the dog owner on common dog parasites and those also infectious to people. 

GENERAL PARASITE INFORMATION FOR CAT OWNERS: From coccidia to toxoplasmosis, great general info for the dog owner on common cat parasites and those also infectious to people. 

PARASITE PREVALENCE MAPS: Shows you how many reported cases of heartworm, tick borne, viral, and intestinal parasite diseases have been reported in our area, even down to the county.  

PARASITES AND YOUR FAMILY: Worried about your family and parasites they may get from your pets? Read through these articles for more information.  

Swooping Bat

GENETIC TESTING - Offers multiple options for genetic testing of color, disease, and also lists recommended tests according to breed.  

ANCESTRY TESTING - They provide you with your very own customized, online report with genetic analysis of your dog's ancestry, weight, physical traits, up to 150+ health conditions and much more!  

CAT GENETIC TESTING - Optimal Selection: They provide you with your very own customized, online report with genetic analysis of your cat's genetic diseases, blood type, coat colors, coat types, and morphology

Indiana BOAH.jpg

INDIANA STATE BOARD OF ANIMAL HEALTH (INDIANA BOAH):  Importation and exportation requirements of companion animals (dogs/cats/ferrets/etc).  Commercial Dog Breeder and Broker information. Health and disease information on Blue-Green Algae, Brucellosis, Canine Influenza, Parvovirus, Dental Care, Disaster Preparedness, Feline Leukemia, Leptospirosis, Rabies, and Reportable Diseases.  

Man on Wheelchair

BENEFITS OF PETS FOR SENIORS:  This website goes over the many benefits pets offer to seniors - Help with Pain and Stress, Promoting Healthier Lifestyles, Improving Memory, Reducing Loneliness, and MORE.  It also provides a good list of things to consider before purchasing a pet for seniors. We want to offer a big thank you to Liz of Mr. Fuller's class for informing us about this link to include on our website!  

Animal Cruelty.png

REPORTING ANIMAL CRUELTY IN INDIANA:  Want to report animal neglect/abuse in Indiana? Select a county to find the contact information for making a report.

REPORTING ANIMAL CRUELTY IN OHIO:  This website provides the contact information for animal cruelty reporting in Ohio. 

General Client Info

Diabetes Mellitus

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

DIABETES MONITORING AND CARE: How to care for your diabetic pet

GLUCOSE CURVES: How to chart your pet's glucose curve  

Diabetes Mellitus

First Aid

First Aid Kit

FIRST AID: Website dedicated to all things First Aid for your pet.  

First Aid
Heart Disease

Heart Disease

American Heartworm Society.jpeg

AMERICAN HEARTWORM SOCIETY: Very informative on everything heartworm.  It has incidence maps, heartworm life cycles, treatment guidelines, prevention tips, etc.  

First Aid

HEARTSMART: INFORMATION ON PETS WITH HEART DISEASE: Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine website on heart disease in pets.  Topics include: symptoms, diagnostic testing, treatment, diet, management, and at home monitoring.  

Muscles and Bones


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Website for those looking into having their dogs hips and elbows examined prior to breeding.  There are other tests that OFA offers that can also look into heritable and genetic disease.  Great resource for those looking for general information on common diseases based on breed (lists breeds A - Z and their associated common diseases found in that breed). 

Muscles and Bones


Pet Nutrition Advice

ONLINE TOOLS AND RESOURCES FOR CANINE AND FELINE NUTRITION: This link actually takes you to the Tufts University Clinical Nutrition page which has multiple other nutrition links to topics including: Nutrient Calculator, Body Condition Scoring, Basic Nutrition information, Food Recalls/Withdrawals, AAFCO governmental feeding guidelines for pets, BalanceIt (human food balanced diet formulation website), calorie calculators and more.   

Blue Measuring Cup

PET FOOD MEASUREMENT TOOL - Pet nutrition alliance: Figure out how much food you should be feeding to your cat or dog. 

Rocks of Balance

BALANCEIT.COM - Website dedicated to providing your pet with a diet you can formulate at home with the confidence of knowing it is going to be a well balanced diet.  Most will require additional vitamin supplementation, which they sell, but it also gives you a handy cost/day estimate. 

PETDIETS.COM -  Another website dedicated to providing your pet with a diet you can formulate at home with the confidence of knowing it is going to be a well balanced diet.  It is owned by Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc. and backed by the most experienced team of veterinary nutritionists since 2000.

Cat and Food

CAT NUTRITION -  Very thorough review on feline nutrition.  Includes tips on how to switch cats from dry diets to canned diets.  Includes common diseases in cats and how to feed them.  

Do Not Eat.png

AVMA RECALL AND SAFETY ALERTS:  Searchable website that keeps a running tab on pet food and treat recalls, medication recalls, and various other recalls relating to veterinary medicine. 


White Lillies

COMMON TOXIC AND NON-TOXIC PLANTS: Entire database of plants that are toxic to pets (and non-toxic ones).  Pictures of the plant and symptoms of toxin exposure are included. 

Skull and Crossbones

WHAT DID YOUR PET INGEST???: Free searchable database of hundreds of toxins your pet may have gotten exposed to.  Produced by the Pet Poison Hotline.



Dog Illustration


DOG APPEASING PHEROMONE - ADAPTIL: odorless pheromone that sends a calming "message" to your dog. For both puppies and adults.  Available as collars, sprays, and wall plug-ins.  

FELIWAY -  odorless pheromone that sends a calming "message" to your cat. For both kittens and adults.  Available as sprays, wipes, and wall plug-ins. Also sell Feliscratch, which is a topical product designed to attract your cat back to a scratching post. 

THUNDERSHIRT - Body wraps used to provide a calming pressure wrap for your pet.

iCALMPET - music designed for relaxation for your pet.  Results showed 70 percent of anxiety behaviors were reduced with psychoacoustically designed music, while 36 percent of anxiety behaviors were reduced with the non-psychoacoustic control CD.  May  be helpful when anxieties stem from the following: Other dogs or children, visitors in the home environment, thunderstorms, riding in the car, excessive need for attention — pawing at guardian, separation anxiety, fireworks

Taking the dog for a walk


FORT WAYNE OBEDIENCE TRAINING CLUB -  located at the Allen County Fairgrounds off Carroll Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Fantastic club for beginning puppies and also for adult dogs looking for more training in obedience, agility, scent work, rally, and good citizen training. 

MY BEST FRIEND DOG TRAINING: Certified Professional Dog Trainer and professional members of Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) in Spencerville, IN. 

DOG TRAINING BY KIKOPUP: YouTube training videos by Emily Larlham, a world-renowned dog trainer.  Great search feature for most if not all your training concerns. 

CANINE COMPANION : The lead trainers of Canine Companion by Certified Trainers are graduates of Purdue University’s DOGS!! Principles and Techniques of Behavior Modification Course, Canine Good Citizen evaluators for the American Kennel Club and professional members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. They offer classes as well as private instruction in the Fort Wayne, Huntington, Columbia City and surrounding communities. They are available for workshops and speaking engagements. 

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