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Have you ever wondered why there is a bad smell that lingers with every kiss or nuzzle from your pet? Just like people, our dogs & cats occasionally need professional dental cleanings and at home care to protect their teeth, gums, and overall health. By the age of three, most of our patients are suffering from some form of dental disease.

One of the earliest symptoms of dental disease is bad breath, which is commonly due to periodontal disease. Gingivitis and periodontal disease (inflammation and infection of the gums) form secondary to plaque accumulation which is the source of bacteria in the mouth. Dental disease can be very painful and ultimately lead to a noticeable decline in quality of life. Fortunately, with routine dental exams, preventive and maintenance care, these problems may be caught early, addressed quickly, or perhaps avoided all together.

You can help prevent dental disease with routine brushing, dental chews, or by using a variety of other available dental products. However, it is inevitable that every pet will at some point begin to accumulate tartar and bacteria in the mouth. When needed, we can provide your pet with a Dental Cleaning and Polishing. This is an outpatient procedure which includes a thorough oral exam, ultrasonic scaling, and polishing. Daily brushing and/or weekly sealant application will help to extend the life of the cleaning.

Dental Health is very important to your pet's overall health, and we encourage you to make yourself more aware of these health risks by asking questions, and being proactive. If you would like to read more about dental health or disease, you may continue reading below. 


You may also call and talk to our staff if you have any questions about how to initiate a good plan for your pet's dental health.

80% of dogs & 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease by age 3. Dental exams can help prevent serious problems.

General Dental Health

For more information on how to care for your dog or cats teeth, please click the link below.

How to Brush Your Pets Teeth

Here is a video explaining how to brush your pets teeth, offering you tips to for dental success! 

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