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Microchipping saves lives.  

We provide you the ability to have your pet microchipped.  Microchipping provides your pet with the ability to have identification at all times.  If you ever get separated from your pet and they have lost their collar, a microchip may be the only way to find your identification and reunite you with your beloved furry friend.  We can microchip your pet without any need of anesthesia, right in the exam room.  Before you walk out of our clinic door, your information will be registered through HomeAgain.  If you have any more questions regarding microchipping, please call our clinic, and/or refer to the link below. 

"I look at microchipping as another form of insurance.  It's relatively low cost may mean the difference between finding your pet or not, and is definitely worth it.  When we find a lost pet with a microchip, the process is pretty simple.  We call the microchip company, and as long as the owners have kept their information up-to-date, the pet is usually reunited within a few hours.  I always worry for the pet that isn't microchipped and may never find its way back to its family." - Dr. Colter

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