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Dr. Miller attended Winchester Community High School prior to attending Purdue University and getting his veterinary degree from Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.  He loves the variety of tasks that he performs each and everyday - from surgery to patient visits, to the social interaction with pets and their owners.  Educating owners and improving animals quality of life is very important to him.  In addition to a collie-mix named "Webster", Dr. Miller has a short-tailed cat named "Jack" that lost most of his tail in a mishap with a combine and Dr. Miller finished the job! His hobbies include camping, traveling, and exploring this great country of ours - sometimes antique shopping along the way with his wife. Something unique about Dr. Miller is that he and his father were National Point Champions in antique tractor pulling in the 4000lb weight class of 1999.  


Dr. Colter grew up in Harlan and attended Woodlan Jr/Sr High School prior to getting his undergraduate and veterinary degrees from Texas A&M University in 2014.  He has special interests in animal reproduction and dermatology, and particularly enjoys meeting and bonding with his clients and their beloved pets.  He and his wife, Shannen, recently adopted a son, Jaxon.   Dr. Colter's favorite dog breed is the Boston Terrier, of which he currently owns one named Haymitch (aka Hammy, Ham-sandwich, Hammy-Hams...).  His hobbies include hiking, bee-keeping, BBQ, and beer making.  He loves to travel and was deeply impacted on a mission trip to an orphanage/school in Kenya, Africa.  

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Angela has been our business manager/owner since 2012.  She has a mixed breed dog named "Webster" who loves swimming in their frog pond, a black-and-white cat named ""Smudgie" who loves eating popcorn, a long-hair grey cat named "Murphy" that will literally say "HELLO" when looking for her, and "Jack" who is a orange tabby bob-tailed cat who obtained his bob-tail from a little mishap he had while exploring with a combine in the nearby corn field.  When asked about what she loves about her job, she replied that she has a wonderful staff whom she laughs and has fun with everyday! She also enjoys working with her husband (Dr. Miller).  She is absolutely obsessed with CATS, and cherishes each opportunity she gets to love on them.  Her hobbies include reading, mystery movies, and camping trips.  In fact, she hopes to visit all 50 states before her daughter, Morgan, graduates high school.  They are currently over half-way to completing this goal! 




Graduated from Wayne Trace High School in 2008 and received on the job training to become a receptionist.  She is a new mom who absolutely loves taking care of and playing with her new baby, Finn.  On the rare occasion she has free time, she enjoys doing embroidery and sewing.  She owns two dogs: Remy, a daschund that loves his new baby brother, and Brady, a pug that barks at animals on TV.  She mentioned that she loves helping people, seeing puppies and kittens, and that there is always something interesting going on at the clinic.  




Graduated from IBC - Vet Tech Institute with an Associates Degree of Applied Science Veterinary Technology in 2007, and has been working at the Woodburn Veterinary Clinic ever since.  At the clinic, she loves her work family, helping patients to improve their quality of life, and getting to do something different each day.  She is particularly known for her happy personality! She has a beloved, three-legged Boxer named "Lukis" who loves kids, other dogs, and still continues to nurse on blankets after being bottle fed by Amy as a puppy.  She also owns two very sweet cats, "Sparky" and "Jamie".  Amy loves to do crafts and bake, making wonderful cakes for family and friends, whom she loves to spend time with hanging out together.  She may be found at Cedar Point several times a year, possibly on a cruise, or seeing the country as she loves to travel any chance she gets.  


Graduated from Brown Mackie college in 2013 with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences (for Veterinary Technology).  She has three pets: Rowan (husky/malamute X) that never barks but will talk to you when he's playing, Mocha (domestic short hair) who loves belly rubs, and Wyatt (Brittany Spaniel) who will dance a little when you pet his butt.  She loves that every day is different at the clinic, yet the same all in one, but the best thing about her job is the people she works with have become her family.  When possible, she really enjoys reading, being outside in the summer, and skiing in the winter.  In fact, unlike most people, she absolutely loves snow and looks forward to winter every year.  


Graduated from Brown Mackie college in 2014 with an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences (for Veterinary Technology).  She has two dogs: Tess who is beautiful and Tris who is fast; and two cats: Phoebe who is a queen and Momo who is quiet and likes to give hugs.  Outside of work, she likes spending quality time with her family.  At work, she really enjoys working with her "work family" and taking great care of her patients. 


Graduated from the Vet Tech Institute at the Indiana Business College in 2019 with an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences (for Veterinary Technology).  She has one dog: Oakley who is their first pet, which they got on a road trip to Oklahoma.  At work, she enjoys getting to know and help each patient, having a variety of tasks each day, and always learning as medicine continues to advance. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods, cooking, and tending to her cactus/agave collection that is taking up a whole room in their house! 





Is currently a student at IBC in Fort Wayne, majoring in  Veterinary Technology.  She loves that working at the Woodburn Veterinary Clinic is like having a second family, and it offers her the chance to see something new everyday.  Her favorite hobby is long-boarding.  At home, her cat named "Indy", is a Maine Coon mix that has the particularly fun ability to open and close closet doors on her own.  


Graduated early in 2017 from Woodlan High School with the class of 2018.  He has one pet named Mikey, who apparently used to be the rival against the neighborhood kitty clan...Jacob's hobbies include playing an unhealthy amount of video games, and when ever he is is not playing those, he can be found with friends playing pinball.  


Lindsey attended the University of Finlay and graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science (with a pre-vet emphasis) and minor in Chemistry.  Working at the Woodburn Veterinary Clinic, she loves the challenges of different cases and the various personalities of animals that come in – noting that there is always something to learn in this field.  She loves the clinic family and being able to work as a team.  She shares her home with 2 rescue dogs (a shepherd mix, Titus, and a corgi, Ellie), 2 cats, 2 leopard geckos, 2 ball pythons, 1 crested gecko, and has plans for more future reptiles!  Outside of work, she enjoys herpetoculture (the keeping of live reptiles and amphibians), hiking, kayaking, camping, and working with horses.  Something unique about Lindsey – She has been shadowing veterinarians since she was 9-years-old.  To date, she has over 10,000 hours of animal/veterinary experience after working with 21 doctors across 10 practices!





Graduated from a life at the Miller household to the veterinary clinic in 2015, with a degree in Communications, Personnel Compliance, and Sleep Science.  I particularly enjoy all of my humans, especially those that tend to my bidding and give me lots of love (which usually comes in the form of petting or treats...I really like treats...).  My hobbies include exploring, laying on warm objects, playing hide-and-seek, and squeezing into boxes, bags, and baskets.  Something unique about me: Sometimes, when my humans least expect it, I will hang up on clients, or even send them cryptic emails. :)